Vol 24 - Issue 02


CES Highlights OLEDs, UHD and Automotive

by Bob Raikes

Phew…. We’ve just got to the end phase of our CES report production. Of course, as we clear back our systems, we’ll find other stories that got missed in the deluge, but we’ll catch …

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Visteon Impresses with HUDs, OLEDs and …. S3D

by Bob Raikes

Visteon is one of the biggest suppliers of instrumentation and consoles for vehicles that was spun off from Ford in 2000 and we first met them at CES in We had a tour around …

Tags:Automotive| Autostereo 3D| CES 2017| Flexible Displays| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 24 - Issue 02

CES 2017 Automotive Round-Up

by Ken Werner

At CES, the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center is the center of things automotive, with driving demos being held in the so-called Central Plaza near the Monorail station. Many of the …

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Breakfast with Continental

by Ken Werner

Continental Automotive GmbH (Regensburg, Germany) is one of the world’s largest suppliers of automotive components, electronic subsystems, and tires. During the company’s Press Day press conference, its spokesman made several interesting points. The company, …

Tags:Automotive| CES 2017| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 24 - Issue 02

Think&Go Brings Transactions to Public Displays

by Bob Raikes

In the Innovation zone in the Sands, we found an interesting company, Think&Go, from Aix en Provence in France that has developed NFC technology that can be fitted into large format displays (LFDs). The …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| LFD - Large Format Display| Mobile Display Monitor| NFC| Vol 24 - Issue 02

Samsung Refreshes A Series Phones – boosts QD Monitors

by Bob Raikes

Samsung refreshed its A3/A5/A7 range of smartphones at CES. They all have Super AMOLED displays in 4.7″ (HD), 5.2″ (FHD) and 5.5″ (FHD) and feature 3D glass with a metal frame. They use A-53 …

Tags:CES 2017| Desktop Monitors| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Notebooks| Quantum Dots| Samsung| Smartphones| Vol 24 - Issue 02

LG Has New Monitors and Projectors

by Bob Raikes

As well as TVs, LG had plenty of other products on its stand. There were not so many professional products on the booth this year, but in the middle was a ‘pillar’ made of …

Tags:Desktop Monitors| Large Display Monitor| Laser Phosphor Projectors| LG Electronics (LGE)| Mobile Display Monitor| Transparent Displays| UltraHD| Vol 24 - Issue 02

DigiLens Secures $22M from Key Strategic Partners

by Chris Chinnock

DigiLens, a provider of diffractive waveguide technology for Augmented Reality (AR) and Head-up Displays (HUD), announced they have closed a Series B round of investment to the tune of $22M. “The round was oversubscribed …

Tags:Augmented Reality| Foxconn (Honhai)| Head Up Displays HUDs| Panasonic| Rockwell Collins| sony| Vol 24 - Issue 02

Optoma Aggressive with Projectors for Consumers

by Bob Raikes

Optoma was meeting channel partners in a suite in the Westgate to show its planned products for the home market.The company was keen to point out that the products at the event are for …

Tags:CES 2017| DLP Projectors| Home Cinema| Large Display Monitor| Optoma| UST Projectors| Vol 24 - Issue 02

Redux Wants to Bring Display Surfaces to Life

by Bob Raikes

We met with Redux, a company that is based in the UK, in Cambridge and is working on sound and haptics. It describes its technology as ‘bringing surfaces to life’. The company was set …

Tags:audio| CES 2017| Haptics| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 24 - Issue 02

VR Motion Tracking at CES 2017

by Steve Sechrist

VR is going through its own evolution and firms are looking to solve some interesting problems as we move closer to a suspended belief experience and enter the truly virtual world of computer generated …

Tags:CES 2017| Mobile Display Monitor| Virtual Reality| Vol 24 - Issue 02

Samsung Innovates in TVs

by Chris Chinnock

Samsung officially unveiled a number of TV-related innovations at CES 2017. We described some of them in a pre-CES article (Samsung QD TVs Could be a Game Changer), but additional details and models were …

Tags:CES 2017| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Large Display Monitor| Quantum Dots| Samsung| Vol 24 - Issue 02| Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)| Wide Viewing Angles