Display Week 2023

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OLED Technology Development for Demand Growth

by Sweta Dash

OLED technology is poised to resolve luminance and lifetime issues with development in materials and manufacturing processes. If technology development combined with capacity expansion can reduce cost, it can drive strong demand growth in future years.

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What are Implications for the QD Display Market of Shoei Acquiring Nanosys

by Sweta Dash

Shoei can provide scale and efficiency needed for lower cost and higher supply of QD materials. With technology developments and more efficient supply chain for QD material, MiniLED QD TV will have higher growth opportunity. 

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Gamut Rings Were a Highlight of Display Week 2023

by Bob Raikes

One of the highlights of the V1.1 IDMS was the inclusion of gamut rings, a way of mapping color performance of displays.

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Automotive Displays Part II: An Explosion in Creative Design

by Bob Raikes

Automotive is a particularly important market for the firms that do not see their present or future in the long term market for TV and other commodity panels.

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Display Week 2023’s Emerging Trends for Next Generation OLED

by Sweta Dash

The display industry has shifted from record growth and very high revenue in 2021 to a declined market in 2022. In times like these, innovations and developments in display materials, process, products and technology can help to recover and drive demand in future.

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The Moving Puck of OLED

by Bob Raikes

When you look at the speed on the ice of the “OLED puck’, there should be shiver going up the spine of every competing technology which is now going to have to aim even further ahead!

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SID Display Week 2023

Rounding up a Return to a Vibrant Display Week 2023

by Peter Palomaki

Los Angeles welcomed more than 5,000 display professionals last week in what finally felt like a true return to in-person conferencing. Attendees from all over the globe gathered to discuss, share, and see the latest in display technology.

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