Display Week 2023


The Moving Puck of OLED

by Bob Raikes

When you look at the speed on the ice of the “OLED puck’, there should be shiver going up the spine of every competing technology which is now going to have to aim even further ahead!

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SID Display Week 2023

Rounding up a Return to a Vibrant Display Week 2023

by Peter Palomaki

Los Angeles welcomed more than 5,000 display professionals last week in what finally felt like a true return to in-person conferencing. Attendees from all over the globe gathered to discuss, share, and see the latest in display technology.

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BOE Signs MoU With SID to Promote High-Quality Display Development

by Shawnee Blackwood

There was also a general global call for technological innovation, inviting scholars, startups, and other partners to contribute to the innovation and high-quality development of the display industry.

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TCL CSOT Unveils Vision for a Better Future at SID Display Week 2023

by Shawnee Blackwood

In our pre-show debriefing with Jun Zhao, chief executive officer of TCL CSOT, we learned how the company is promoting a new era of sustainable digital display solutions at Display Week 2023. Today, on …

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BOE Needs a Consumer-Facing Strategy

by Omid Rahmat

BOE has won the “Display Application of the Year” award for its 10-inch 8K LCD display designed for 3D printing.

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