SID Reveals Winners of Display Week 2023 People’s Choice Awards and I-Zone Competition

The Society for Information Display (SID) announced the winners of its popular People’s Choice Awards and the I-Zone (Innovation Zone) competition at its 60th International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition, known as Display Week 2023. Display Week 2023, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, May 21-26, is the premier event for the global electronic display and visual information technology industries.

Display Week 2023 (PRNewsfoto/SID)
Display Week 2023 (Source: SID)

The People’s Choice Awards are decided by display enthusiasts from around the world who vote for their favorite technology, components, demonstrations, and interactive booths on the show floor. Voting was conducted through a survey in the Display Week app May 23-24. Each winner was honored with a blue ribbon.

“The People’s Choice Awards were designed for Display Week attendees to choose the products they like most – and the people have spoken,” says Harit Doshi, SID’s Conventions Chair. “We congratulate all of the Display Week 2023 People’s Choice Awards winners, which represent a wide range of exciting technologies and demonstrated innovative thinking and creativity in their booth presence.”

Display Week 2023 People’s Choice Award Winners

Best MicroLED-Based Technology

  • LG Display for its 12-in. 20% stretchable display
  • PlayNitride for its 166-in. portrait seamless microLED modular display

Best AR/VR/MR Demo Product

  • BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., for its 1.3-in. 4K4K micro-OLED
  • PlayNitride for its 0.49-in. FHD high-color-saturation microLED microdisplay

Best OLED Technology

  • LG Display for its 77-in. 8K Meta OLED display
  • Samsung Display for its 77-in. QD-OLED TV
  • TCL CSOT for its 65-in. 8K inkjet printing technology

Best Automotive Display

  • BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., for its automotive intelligent cockpit
  • Tianma for its 27-in. DREAM automotive display

Best Display Metrology Technology

  • Instrument Systems GmbH for its fast and precise near-eye display (NED) testing with LumiTop AR/VR periscope system
  • Radiant Vision Systems for its ProMetric I-SC imaging colorimeter with integrated spectrometer

Best New Display Component

  • E Ink for its Spectra 6 color e-Ink
  • Poro Technologies (Porotech) for its 0.26 monolithic full-color microdisplay panel with HD resolution
  • Visionox for its 5G millimeter-wave antenna-on-display (AoD)

Best LCD-Based Technology

  • BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., for its 3,000:1 contrast UB Cell LCD technology
  • Tianma for its novel LTPS-TFT LCD structure

Best Large Booth

  • BOE
  • Samsung Display

Best Medium Booth

  • AUO
  • PlayNitride

Best Small Booth

  • Meta
  • Universal Display Corporation

The I-Zone is a unique exhibition-within-an-exhibition, which provides participants with the opportunity to demonstrate products and proofs of concepts free of charge alongside major, established technology companies. This lively showcase has helped launch some of the most exciting concepts in the industry. Twenty-four exhibitors participated in this year’s I-Zone exhibition.

“Thousands of attendees flock to Display Week each year to find out what’s new and what’s next in emerging technologies,” says Casey Kang, interim chair of SID’s I-Zone Committee. “And the I-Zone provides the perfect opportunity to see, touch and test innovative prototypes rooted in next-gen concepts. It’s also the perfect opportunity for smaller companies, start-ups and universities to share their ideas and products with a wide range of audiences and potential partners.

“SID is proud to support and honor these important advances, and we congratulate all the winners,” he added.

Display Week 2023 I-Zone Award Winners

Best Prototype

  • Sundiode, for its innovative vertically stacked RGB microLED pixel technology.


  • Embodme, for its IR-based 3D sensing technology.
  • Excyton, for its novel power-saving OLED pixel architecture and algorithm.

Special Mention Honoree

  • NHK, for its contribution to display industry standards using gamut rings.