Display Start-ups Will Make Their Case at the SID/DSCC Business Conference

While the display industry’s big companies are more well-known, some of the most important innovations in the display industry emerge from small start-up companies, especially in the materials space. Six presenters from display start-up companies will introduce groundbreaking technology which has the potential to reshape the display industry at the 2023 SID/DSCC Business Conference.

The SID/DSCC Business Conference, sponsored by Applied Materials, Smartkem, GE, OTI Lumionics and TOP ENGINEERING, is part of Display Week 2023, the world’s leading event focused on emerging electronic display and visual information technologies. Registration is already open and available at this link.

DSCC has organized the conference for seven consecutive years, in collaboration with the Society for Information Display (SID). With over 300 attendees annually, the SID/DSCC Business Conference is the largest event dedicated to the business aspects of the display industry, covering the main market segments, including Smartphones, AR/VR and TVs.

The conference will include five sessions of live presentations at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Wednesday, May 24th, plus five additional virtual sessions which will be available to be downloaded and viewed by all attendees. The following speakers have been confirmed for the virtual Display Start-up session of the Business Conference:

  • Kim De Nolf, CEO and Co-Founder, QustomDot
  • Junji Adachi, Co-Founder and CSO, Kyulux
  • Simon Jones, CEO, Helio
  • Shawn Frayne, Co-Founder & CEO, Looking Glass Factory
  • Alex Henzen, Display Product Marketing Director, HYPHY
  • Harit Doshi, CEO, Omniply Technologies Inc.

Kim De Nolf, CEO and Co-Founder or QustomDot, will present on the company’s “Unmatched Color Conversion for MicroLED Applications” In this talk Kim De Nolf shares why QustomDot aims to facilitate and accelerate the commercialization of microLED technologies beyond traditional displays. She will touch on QustomDot’s roadmap to the most stringent microLED applications and why the company is involved from component design and application development at early stages to volume production of a QD ink.

Junji Adachi, Co-Founder and CSO of Kyulux will describe how Hyperfluorescence™ (HF) provides high efficiency and pure color emission. Its high internal quantum efficiency (IQE) and narrowband emission, smaller than 25 nm, can simultaneously enable high-performance RGB HF in one OLED emitting system. The ultrahigh color purity enabled by its narrow FWHM endows HF to cover a wide color space close to BT.2020 without sacrificing efficiency. Green HF achieved a current efficiency as high as > 230cd/A @1000nit at a color point close to BT.2020, which covers over 32% wide color space beyond DCI-P3 and achieves a 95% coverage of BT.2020. Another distinguished advantage of HF is its highly efficient deep blue performance. Deep blue HF exhibited an ultra-narrowband emission with an FWHM<15 nm and reached a CIEy of 0.07. Adachi will talk about Kyulux’s recent progress in color point and the lifetime of deep blue at the conference.

Simon Jones, CEO of Helio, will address manufacturing aspects of In-Pixel Color Conversion. Color conversion at the pixel level is rapidly emerging as a significant trend in displays and in particular for µLED and QD-OLED architectures. This poses fundamental questions and challenges with respect to optimizing deposition and patterning methods in volume production. This talk will review manufacturing aspects of in-pixel color conversion including materials requirements as well as equipment and process options. In particular, the talk will review the relative advantages and costs of inkjet printing and photolithographic patterning. It will also cover the importance of achieving thin layers in color conversion architectures.

Shawn Frayne, Co-Founder & CEO at Looking Glass Factory will introduce the world’s first group-viewable Light Field Display. Looking Glass has been shipping light field displays since 2018. These displays are popular due to better hardware and very efficient software algorithms. The company recently announced the world’s first Looking Glass experience with conversational AI and it’s had an overwhelming response in the market. Frayne will describe the technology, the product and the company behind this phenomenon.

Alex Henzen, Display Product Marketing Director at HYPHY will describe how modulated analog video transfer provides a 10X greater throughput for display systems. Consumer demand for higher-performance gaming monitors and televisions has seen a mainstream migration to 65” and larger 4K and 8K displays. The market for large display panels is projected to exceed $40B in 2027, but industry challenges remain. In particular, conventional intra-panel video transport has reached its practical limits with the 4K generation, such that increasing resolution and frame rate further drives up display system costs and power consumption.

Display panel makers are seeking affordable, power-efficient ways to meet consumers’ ongoing desire for larger displays with higher resolutions, higher refresh rates, and deeper colors. HYPHY’s unique ‘modulated analog’ video transport facilitates continued scaling of display performance. Delivering 10X greater throughput than conventional digital video transports, HYPHY’s analog transport simplifies in-system wiring and reduces display system cost and power consumption, thereby transferring 10X more image data to the panel without increasing the cost of the display system. HYPHY has demonstrated the required performance in prototype systems and is now developing IC solutions for deployment into 8K large display panels by the end of 2023.

Harit Doshi, CEO of Omniply Technologies Inc. will describe his company’s zero-stress and highly scalable lift-off technology for flexible OLED and MicroLED displays. Omniply has developed a highly reliable and easy to scale Lift-off technology based on its proprietary materials for flexible OLED and MicroLED displays. Most flexible displays are built on a rigid substrate, usually glass or a wafer, which is then released off this rigid substrate using a cumbersome laser technology. Doshi will talk about a revolutionary new technology that enables scaling of flexible displays and electronics of tomorrow and how Omniply’s technology will deliver a solution that is un-matched in its performance and scale.

The SID/DSCC Business Conference will be held in-person on Wednesday, May 24th during Display Week 2023 at the Los Angeles Conventions Center. Attendees will view both in-person and virtual presentations featuring 42 presenters from 35 different companies. The complete list of all speakers and their abstracts can be found at 2023 SID/DSCC Business Conference.