Sphere Technology Honored by SID

7thSense has been honored with the Display Application of the Year Award at the SID 2024 Display Industry Awards for its innovative work on the Sphere in Las Vegas. This prestigious award recognizes outstanding advances in display technology, and 7thSense received accolades for its management, control, and pixel processing system which plays a crucial role in the Sphere’s immersive audiovisual experience.

Source: 7thSense

The Sphere uses 7thSense’s Performer Range of products. These include Actor media servers for 4K playback, Conjurers for generative content, and Juggler pixel processors for signal switching and layering, which manage both internal and external LED displays. This system is fundamental in synchronizing SMPTE ST 2110 based 4K streams, enhancing live feeds and generative content with minimal latency.

Stephen Atwood, acting chair of the DIA Committee, highlighted the Sphere project as a prime example of innovation in the display industry, acknowledging the diverse and rich developments within the field.