Yestech Products are Flexible

Yestech is a fifteen year old Chinese company that specialises in rental LED products that it sells under the MagicStage brand. The range has two key advantages.

The range uses a single design that can support indoor and outdoor operation in walls, in perimeter displays (as used in sports stadiums, for example) and can even be used in floor installations. It can also be mounted for ‘sky curtain’ applications. Traditionally, the controllers for the very high brightness needed outdoors cannot produce an accurate grey scale effect when used indoors at much lower brightness. Yestech told us that it has solved this problem and that means that a rental company can use the same inventory for any application – a major advantage in minimising inventory and storage issues.

The second big advantage is that the LED cabinets are very flexible and can be mounted at +- 15 deg from each other to make a range of different shapes. The cabinets also feature what Yestech calls ‘dislocation’ but we would call ‘offset’. The cabinets can be offset horizontally, vertically or in depth. There are also triangular and right angle mounting systems.

YesTech Flexibility

The MagicStage range is available in pitches from 3.1mm for indoor and 4.8mm for outdoor applications and weight is just 5.2kg per cabinet in a 50cm square format. The cabinet material is made of a reinforced polymer and although light, can support from 300 to 500kg. Staff showed us a video of cars being driven over the LEDs.

Mechanical fixings have also been given a lot of attention. There is a truss system that can be formed into a transport cart to save the space and cost of separate carts. Assembly of the LED walls is said to be very fast and the firm claims a rate of 1 person/ 1 hour / 100 cabinets.

Yestech already has good sales in Germany, Italy, France, Denmark and Spain, but is still interested in talking to potential partners.