Bob Raikes


‘The Color has Leaked Out’

by Bob Raikes

In these days of LCD and OLED displays, it’s probably hard for younger engineers to appreciate the challenges of making good CRT monitors.

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Hot News – Metasurfaces Can Create Pixels

by Bob Raikes

The concepts and manufacturing techniques that have enabled Moore’s Law can be applied to optics

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A New 8K Monitor, but Only in China

by Bob Raikes

There was news last week of a new 8K monitor, the VG3281, from ViewSonic that is being sold for the moment just in China. It got me thinking about the development of monitors.

Tags:8K| China| Colour Critical Monitors| Dell| Monitor| showcase| ViewSonic

Virey Gives A Great Overview of MicroLED

by Bob Raikes

By the end of 2025, the cumulative expenditure on MicroLED will be around 10% of the total capex on OLED since 2006.

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Gamut Rings Were a Highlight of Display Week 2023

by Bob Raikes

One of the highlights of the V1.1 IDMS was the inclusion of gamut rings, a way of mapping color performance of displays.

Tags:Colour Grading| Colour Management & Processing| Display Week 2023| showcase

Automotive Displays Part II: An Explosion in Creative Design

by Bob Raikes

Automotive is a particularly important market for the firms that do not see their present or future in the long term market for TV and other commodity panels.

Tags:Automotive| BOE| Display Week 2023| Dual Panel LCDs| Flexible Displays| LG Displays (LGD)| MicroLED| MiniLED| OLEDs| Rollable Displays| Samsung Display| showcase| Tianma| Visionox

Automotive Displays Part I: The Market is Huge

by Bob Raikes

At Display Week 2023, automotive displays were very prominent, and there are very good reasons for that.

Tags:Automotive| Head Up Displays HUDs| LCD Backlights| LCD displays| MicroLED| OLEDs| showcase

LCD TVs “WILL” Continue to Improve

by Bob Raikes

The future for LCD panel production is going to be based on exploiting the factories that have already been built (or are in the process of being built) that are optimized for either VA or IPS/FFS.

Tags:LCD TVs| LCDs| liquid crystal| Merck| showcase| TVs (TV Sets)

QD-OLED Comes to Professional Color Monitors

by Bob Raikes

When I first saw the performance and specifications for Samsung’s QD-OLED panels, it seemed to me that a natural market for the technology would be the broadcast monitor market.

Tags:Broadcast Monitors| Colour Critical Monitors| QD-OLED| Samsung Display| TVs (TV Sets)

The 16K LCD at Display Week 2023: A Dissenting Voice

by Bob Raikes

BOE, showed some very cool products based on LCD technology including a 110” 16K (not a typo – 16 times the pixels of 4K!) LCD that received a tepid reception by ‘the gadget press’. They missed the point.

Tags:16K| BOE| Large Display Monitor| LCD

The Moving Puck of OLED

by Bob Raikes

When you look at the speed on the ice of the “OLED puck’, there should be shiver going up the spine of every competing technology which is now going to have to aim even further ahead!

Tags:BOE| Display Week 2023| DSCC| Flexible Displays| OLED| Plasmonic Displays| Visionox