Eyevis Shares with MMT and Ships Transparent OLEDs

Local vendor, Eyevis, had a shared booth and told us that it had nothing new since ISE. However, it told us that it has already shipped some of its transparent OLED displays (Samsung Display confirmed to us that it started shipping at the end of January). Eyevis started its ‘mass’ production in March and has shipped around 20 units.

MMT was one of the companies that Eyevis was sharing with and MMT specialises in integrating Eyevis products. It also had a version of the Transparent display, but the MMT version is also fitted with the FlatFrog optical touch system and security glass. The FlatFrog touch system is ideal for transparent displays as the maximum possible transmission is needed. The company also had a touch table made with a 55″ UltraHD display, again using FlatFrog. The table has an integrated PC and costs around €12,000, depending on configuration. The casing has magnetic panels on the sides to make it easy to customise the look.

MMT TableMMT’s Table uses demountable side panels and FlatFrog touch. Image:Meko

MMT also showed us its ‘main’ product, the ‘HypeBox’, a showcase based on a transparent LCD that is claimed to have 15% transparency. The company can make the showcases from 10″ to 84″ and can supply them with FlatFrog or infrared touch, depending on the size and application.