LG Display Installs Transparent OLEDs in Korea’s New High-Speed Underground Train

In a pioneering move, LG Display has equipped the Great Train eXpress (GTX), Korea’s newly inaugurated high-speed underground railway, with transparent OLED displays. This marks the first use of such technology on a Korean train. The GTX, which operates three times faster than traditional subway services, connects Seoul to its greater metropolitan areas.

Source: LG Display

These 55-inch transparent OLEDs have been integrated into the cabin windows of the GTX-A line, serving not only as windows but also as platforms for displaying travel information such as route maps, announcements, and other passenger-related content. This integration aims to enhance the travel experience by offering both increased visibility and entertainment options during long journeys. To ensure durability and operational stability at speeds exceeding 150 kph, the displays are crafted from special tempered glass that is more resistant to shocks and vibrations. They have also passed the standard Korean railway tests.

Initially, LG Display and SG Rail, the GTX-A project operator, are implementing 16 transparent OLEDs in an eight-car train on the inaugural GTX line running between Suseo and Dongtan. The plan is to expand this technology to all trains on the GTX-A line after evaluating passenger feedback.