Transparent Displays


LG’s Transparent Displays Bring AR to Bobcat’s Industrial Machinery

by Joseph Bryans

The technology not only aids in typical jobsite tasks but also has applications in grading, elevation, and operator training, pushing the boundaries of traditional construction equipment functionality.

Tags:CES 2024| Industrial Monitors| LG| OLED| showcase| Transparent Displays

Transparent Displays, Photovoltaics, and the Multipurpose Window

by Emory Kale

New developments in energy-generating glass suggest a new paradigm for architecture and design, one in which a transparency is just a canvas for many more applications.

Tags:Perovskite| showcase| Transparent Displays| Transparent Semiconductors

LG automotive displays at K-Display 2023

Samsung and LG at K-Display 2023: Frenemies Forever

by Emory Kale

LG and Samsung can cozy up to each other as they buffer against the threats of Chinese OLED manufacturing.

Tags:Automotive| Flexible Displays| K-Display 2023| LG| OLED| Samsung| showcase| Transparent Displays

Clap introduces Organic Thin Film Transistor (OTFT) application technology

by Emory Kale

At CES 2023, CLAP showcased OTFT applications of OLED Mobile large-screen fingerprint and transparent Micro LED. After acquiring OTFT material patents and technologies from Germany’s BASF, CLAP has its own organic semiconductor research fab and is …

Tags:CES 2023| CLAP| MicroLED| OLEDs| Organic TFTs| Transparent Displays