LG’s Curious Experiment With Vacuum Tubes and Transparent Displays

We’re back for a new year, and it might be a little slow going as the display industry seems to be making its way to CES 2024 in Las Vegas. LG will showcase its experimental products and services brand, LG Labs, in an expanded exhibition space at the trade expo. One product that the group will debut is the DukeBox, which combines vacuum tube audio technology with a transparent OLED display panel. It’s a curious product to showcase but the melange of tech may speak to a more nuanced look at the possibilities of transparent displays.

Source: LG

The DukeBox aims to deliver an immersive audiovisual experience by fusing an old-fashioned vacuum tube aesthetic with a state-of-the-art transparent display. It features front-facing speakers at the bottom, a 360-degree speaker at the top, and an adjustable transparent OLED screen that encloses the vacuum tubes inside, allowing them to be visible amid flickering visual effects like fireplace flames. Beyond music playback, the DukeBox can also be used for movie viewing. With its vacuum tube audio, surround sound speakers, and visibility-adjustable transparent OLED enclosure, the DukeBox seeks to modernize and reinvent depth of audio and visual experiences.