LG’s Transparent Displays Bring AR to Bobcat’s Industrial Machinery

At CES 2022, Korea’s Doosan Bobcat showcased a prototype of an electric compact excavator, E35e which came with LG Display`s transparent OLED on its windshield serving as a control panel supported by AR technology. The operator of the E35e could check the location and conditions of a construction site through the AR-backed transparent touch screen on the windshield, allowing the operator to control various functions remotely in real time through the touch screen. It wasn’t clear at the time that the product would be released.

At CES 2024 named concept as Advanced Display Technology showcased the technology in its S7X electric skid steer. The technology not only aids in typical jobsite tasks but also has applications in grading, elevation, and operator training, pushing the boundaries of traditional construction equipment functionality.

Source: Bobcat

Bobcat emphasized the versatility of this technology, stating that it allows for displaying anything from site maps to camera views from different parts of the machinery, like the bucket. Operators can interact with this touchscreen to move and expand the information displayed, enhancing their situational awareness and operational efficiency. For instance, at CES, Bobcat demonstrated this technology by showing a map of underground utilities at a jobsite, enabling operators to navigate and work with augmented reality guidance.

This is actually a lot more interesting as an application of LG’s OLED T tech than the typical consumer TV-type products or even the retail display units the company touted on the show floor. Maybe getting a digger into the LG booth just seemed a bridge too far for the company’s marketing people. It’s a shame because this is a pretty cool implementation of transparent displays with stunning impact.