LED Studio Expands Edge Series with Energy-Efficient 54” and 65” Displays

LED Studio has expanded its Edge series by launching the 54” edge Pro and the 65” Edge models. These models are replacements for commonly used videowall LCD panels, with energy savings of up to 40% compared to LCDs claims the company. They also boast ease of installation and user-friendly operation, aiming to make expansive LED applications more readily available.

Source: LED Studio

The Edge series uses LED Studio’s V1 architecture. The company claims its design permits partial upgrades, with only 30% of the display needing replacement, thus keeping most of the original framework intact. This approach not only lessens waste but also allows for a path to managable upgrades and investment in future technologies.

The 54” Edge Pro is a notable enhancement in the series, featuring COB MicroLED pixel technology that provides significant energy savings when compared to traditional SMD pixel technology. It also includes a direct HDMI connectivity option, simplifying the setup by negating the need for extra cards and extensive cabling.

This model offers various resolutions, from 1080p to 8K, with pixel pitches ranging from 0.62mm to 1.56mm. The Edge Pro is designed with efficiency in mind, using considerably fewer internal components than conventional LED displays, further contributing to its environmental benefits.

The 65” Edge aims to simplify the installation process. It can display 1080p resolution on a 130” screen with a 2×2 cabinet arrangement and is capable of displaying up to 8K on larger configurations. Both new models support two types of mounting methods, which can be directly installed onto load-bearing walls or hung using standard VESA mounts, streamlining the installation process.

The Edge series is designed to be an optimal choice for companies seeking to make a genuine ESG commitment, offering a replacement for older, energy-intensive LCD screens with a solution that is not only visually superior but also straightforward and efficient to operate.