Vol 23 - Issue 14


The End of More Glass and Vacuum Technologies

by Bob Raikes

I made reference in my talk at the Nuremberg conference to Paul Gray’s “end of glass, vacuum and metal” (GVM) technology and over the last couple of weeks, I have seen lots of stories …

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Necsel Acquires PD-LD

by Chris Chinnock

In a letter sent to customers and suppliers, PD-LD VP Business Development, Robert Struthers said that as of 1st April 2016, PD-LD has become part of Necsel IP, Inc. “In acquiring PD-LD, Necsel adds …

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NakedEYE is Latest and Smallest VR Camera

by Tom Allen

Several companies are moving into the VR camera space – Samsung chief among them – and this week we saw one that will be at NAB called the NakedEYE, which is impressive for its …

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Novasentis Gets Big-time Manufacturing Partner

by Ken Werner

At CES, I was impressed with the development-stage company Novasentis and its electro-mechanical polymer (EMP) haptic actuators. Yesterday, Novasentis and Kemet Corp. jointly announced they would collaborate on the production of film-based haptic actuators …

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Slow Replacements Lead to High Notebook Resolutions

by Tom Allen

The market for notebook PC displays fell 23% YoY in Q1’16. Panel makers have begun to lower production of the low-profitability HD panels in favour of FullHD types – these panels are therefore expected …

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Amazon Slims and Rebalances Kindle

by Tom Allen

It has been eight years since the introduction of the original Amazon Kindle. Each successive generation has made the device smaller, lighter and faster; progress that has now led to the Kindle Oasis. It …

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NBC Chooses Leyard LEDs

by Tom Allen

NBC Olympics, a division of US broadcaster NBC, has chosen to use Leyard’s LED video walls for its production of this year’s Olympic Games. Leyard will supply NBC with three TVH Series LED video …

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Mettle Edits 360° Video at NAB

by Tom Allen

At NAB 2016, Canadian production studio Mettle is unveiling a plug-in package aimed at 360° video production in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. ‘Skybox 360/VR Transitions’ helps content creators to deliver cuts in 360° video …

Tags:360 Degree Cameras| Adobe| Large Display Monitor| NAB 2016| Virtual Reality| Vol 23 - Issue 14

Sony Brings Digital to Denmark

by Tom Allen

A new gallery in the town of Østervrå, in Denmark, is using Sony’s Bravia professional displays to showcase the work of leading Danish photographers. The PixlArt gallery is Denmark’s first all-digital gallery, using Sony’s …

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Unipixel Touch Used for POS

by Tom Allen

Production validation units for a 15.6″ touch screen with XTouch sensors and Diamond Guard hard coat are now being shipped by Unipixel. The units are being shipped to a new customer for a PoS …

Tags:Back Panel| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| POS| Touch| Vol 23 - Issue 14

Kaist Enables Input with Smart Glasses

by Tom Allen

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has been developing augmented reality smart glasses since 2014, and now have a third-generation model called K-Glass 3. Users are able to write messages or search …

Tags:3D Depth Cameras| Augmented Reality| Eyewear| Keyboards| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 14

EU Looks at Gaze-Contingent Displays

by Tom Allen

The EU began the Deeepview Project in 2012. It proposes the use of gaze-tracking technology to extend the user’s perceptions – for example, directing focus and enhancing colour where the user is looking. The …

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