Necsel Acquires PD-LD

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In a letter sent to customers and suppliers, PD-LD VP Business Development, Robert Struthers said that as of 1st April 2016, PD-LD has become part of Necsel IP, Inc. “In acquiring PD-LD, Necsel adds our unique photonic packaging capabilities and scientific laser modules to their extensive line of illumination products, “ noted Struthers.

Necsel is best know to our readers for selling RGB lasers to the major cinema projector makers, although they supply laser solutions to other markets as well. Necsel is also a part of Ushio, which provides high pressure Mercury and Xenon lamps to the projection and other industries. (which also owns Christie, among others – Man. Ed.)

We spoke with PD-LD’s Uri Abrams, who is now the General Manager for Necsel’s Laser Module Division, which is the PD-LD operation in Pennington, NJ. “We have been a supplier to Necsel for a number of years offering our Volume Bragg Grating (VBG) technology for using in the RGB cinema laser solution,” noted Abrams. “The acquisition was just a natural extension of this long standing partnership.” VBG technology helps to deliver narrow line width laser light.

PD-LD is privately held and details of the transaction were not released. However, Abrams said that they are VC backed with the last round coming way back in 2000 at the height of interest in telecom lasers. The market crash eventually changed PD-LDs focus and they have been a small but stable company since then. “The VCs finally got their money back,” said Abrams, “even though it took awhile.”

All 20 employees of PD-LD are now Necsel employees and that they are now hiring and investing as a result of the acquisition. This thrust is directed at the spectroscopy and microscopy market segments and investment plans include some new capital equipment that Ushio is funding.

“In addition to gaining some vertical integration of the RGB cinema laser solution, Ushio/Necsel also liked and highly valued our IP portfolio,” said Abrams. “We have over 35 patents around VGB and in light engines for cinema, so this is very valuable to them.”

The Module Division supplies the VBG technology to Ushio Japan for manufacture of the RGB cinema lasers and that relationship will remain unchanged.Necsel logo small

“The acquisition by Necsel/Ushio will also allow us access to their sales force, which is very attractive to us,” concluded Abrams.

Necsel is also working on a next generation RGB laser cinema solution, but Abrams was not familiar with the status as most of that development is being done in Japan and he is still getting to know the company at this stage.

A year ago, Necsel said that they were then shipping about 5 million source lumens per month for the cinema market, and expected to grow to 15 million source lumens per month by the end of the year. And it appears to be continuing to grow in 2016. – CC