AUO Bezel-less ALCD TV Display Makes Stunning Presence at CITE 2016

With the exhibition theme of “Infinite Visual Experience”, AU Optronics Corp. (“AUO” or the “Company”) will participate in CITE 2016 (China Information Technology Expo) from April 8 to 10 in Shenzhen, China. In the exhibition, AUO’s bezel-less ALCD TV display showing stylish contour and exquisite image quality will present an even more realistic sensory experience without visual barriers set by borders.

AUO will concurrently showcase the industry-leading extreme narrow bezel video wall featuring super power-saving, the complete lineup of LCD panels for gaming, ultra high resolution free-form car displays, and AMOLED panels for virtual reality (VR) applications, incorporating numerous pioneering display technologies and products to amaze its audience.

Edge-to-edge Bezel-less ALCD TV Display Stretching Vision beyond Borders
AUO continuously challenges itself to integrate and innovate display technologies and presents the 65-inch edge-to-edge bezel-less ALCD TV display, combining edge-to-edge bezel-less design with various advanced display technologies such as UHD 4K ultra high resolution, curved design, wide color gamut and HDR (High Dynamic Range). AUO’s self-developed GOA (Gate on Array) technology and bezel-less production method to significantly lower the number of display driver ICs, while expanding the field of view to its maximum to create a boundless visual impact. The vivid and refined picture quality together with bezel-less design make the LCD TV an integral element of the home environment. When images are being displayed, it can provide viewers with even more life-like sensory experience.

AUO will also showcase its complete series of ALCD TV displays with sizes ranging from 55-inch to 85-inch, boasting exceptionally delicate image quality. ALCD’s quantum dot wide color gamut boosts color accuracy that brings out true colors of images. The HDR technology with high contrast ratio also enhances deeper blacks and vivid details. In addition, the ultra slim UHD 4K LCD TV panel with a thickness of mere 4.7mm provides a super sleek and clean back cover design, setting new standards for LCD TV design aesthetics.

Extreme Narrow Bezel & Super Power-saving Video Wall Offering Seemingly One-Piece Design
AUO exhibits the 55-inch extreme narrow bezel and super power-saving video wall which could be used flexibly in all sorts of environments. Sporting the leading 1.8mm extreme narrow bezel design that removes visual barriers, the video wall offers seemingly one whole image to the viewers and smoothly demonstrate both images and videos. By enhancing the design of backlight module, AUO significantly reduced the panel’s power consumption to achieve the effectiveness of power-saving when numerous panels are assembled together and operating for long hours.

AUO will also showcase a full range of high brightness public information displays fit for locations such as stations, public transportation, restaurants and shopping centers. Exhibits include the 65-inch outdoor commercial signage with 2500nits ultra high brightness with images still intelligible under strong sunlight for outdoor advertisements, and 32-inch high brightness display and 37-inch high brightness ultra wide display that could be installed vertically or horizontally at bus stations or inside metro cars for passengers to readily obtain travel information.

Full Lineup of Gaming Displays Boasting Speed with No Motion Blurs
To address enthusiast gamers’ demand for high speed motion display, AUO’s complete series of professional-grade gaming displays are equipped with 144Hz ultra high frame rate, capable of reducing motion blurs under fast-moving scenes with no lag. The series, ranging from 24 to 35 inches, include edge-to-edge and ultra wide curved design with the world’s highest 1800 R (*)and are equipped with QHD (2560×1440) and WFHD (2560×1080) ultra high resolution. They are the best professional-grade gaming displays available with exquisite picture quality and high color saturation, demonstrating AUO’s global leadership position in gaming displays.

Ultra High Resolution Free-form Car Displays Creating Infinite Opportunities for Polished Vehicle System Design
Dedicated to developing display products and total solutions for smart cars, AUO will present the 12.3-inch ultra high resolution car display with 2880×1080 resolution, applying free-form cutting technology to create a smooth, streamlined contour. The display fulfills both the need for refined image quality and sophisticated interior car design. The complete lineup of ultra high resolution car displays with high color saturation, wide viewing angle and high weather tolerance will also be showcased.

Diverse AMOLED Applications Delivering Lifelike VR Experience
Amid the growing trend for VR, AUO has leveraged its technological strengths and mass production experience on AMOLED to present the 5.5-inch full HD AMOLED panel for headset VR devices. The panel features not only fast response time, high color saturation and high contrast, but its high pixel density of 403PPI (pixel per inch) is perfect for delivering all-round realistic VR experience, giving its users an immersive sensory feast. In terms of smartwatch applications, AUO is the world’s first(*) to have successfully manufactured full-circle AMOLED panel. The complete series of full circle and square-shaped AMOLED panels will be showcased, whose various forms of design resemble much more to classic urban style wrist watches, meeting the trend for wearable devices to be more boutique-ish.

In addition to the exciting lineup of display products, James CP Chen, Vice President of Mobile Solutions Business Unit, will give a speech titled “Value Competition, Moving from Generic to Specific” on April 8 at the concurrently organized 2016 China International Flat Panel Display Forum. You are cordially invited to experience firsthand AUO’s advanced display technologies and applications at CITE 2016.