ROE Shows Unique LED Display

ROE is a Chinese LED maker that has been established in Europe some time and has an office with local staff in the Netherlands. It also has a US office in Los Angeles to handle that territory. The company told us that it is particularly strong on logistics and service/support. Staff drew our attention to three main products.

The first is a very different display that combines a regular LED screen with multiple very high brightness spotlights (no number for this was quoted, but it’s ‘higher than 10,000 nits’) that can be independently powered up. These have a strong backlighting effect and could really make a backdrop in a performance area look very distinctive. The system was apparently used recently on a special appearance by an artist on the “Jonathon Ross” TV show in the UK. It will also be installed at the Hakasan club in the Aria hotel in Las Vegas and that club will open around the time of Infocomm.

ROE unlitROE has these LED lamps behind the main display. Image:Meko

ROE litThe extreme brightness of the ROE LED backlights made photography difficult. Image:Meko

The second product was a sports perimeter system (but 2.4 metres high!) that was used for the Austrian Open tennis and that had to meet particularly demanding requirements. As well as having to be very black, the system had to be extremely bright (it is 5,000 cd/m²) and also work well in 40º C temperatures. The ROE MC5 system was used which is available in 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 12mm or 18mm pitches and uses ‘Black LEDs’.

The third product is the firm’s BlackPearl and BlackOnyx systems which are available in 5mm and 3mm or 3mm and 2mm, respectively. These are high performance systems which use Brompton controllers from the UK and have been recognised as Gold award winners in the prestigious German IF design awards. 2,400 of these cabinets were used in a single huge circle at the the Detroit car show.