Dicolor Recommends Use of Rental Units in Installation

Dicolor LED is a Chinese LED company and had some new products in its range with the X series which is optimised for rental and staging. In the past, the company focused on installation products, but now is trying to specialise in rental and staging. Dicolor told us that its cabinets are also usable in installations, so it recommends to rental companies that they renew their inventory every year, selling the used modules for installation.
The company emphasised that its cabinets are made from aluminium which provides not only structural rigidity and accuracy, but also helps with heat dissipation. The edges are carefully designed to minimise the possibility of damage if cabinets are dropped in handling. The cabinets weigh 8kg, so they are relatively light weight.
The PSUs use a clip mount, with no screws required which makes replacement quick and easy. The cabinets are designed for a ‘one man’ install (although the sales lady on the booth told me that she had helped build the display at the show, so it doesn’t have to be a man!). The pins that guide and locate the cabinets against each other have cross locking pins that are trigger operated to lock the cabinets together. The system allows offsets between cabinets for non-rectangular applications.

DiColor locking pinsDiColor uses locking pins to join cabinets. Image:Meko

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