Vol 23 - Issue 10


Does Thunderbolt 3 Allow a New Class of Displays?

by Bob Raikes

We have more events to report on this week with the show report from the Retail DSE in Large Display Monitor and with our CeBIT report in both newsletters. We were also at PTE …

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Exterion Wins ‘World’s Largest Advertising Contract’

by Tom Allen

Transport for London has awarded Exterion Media what is described as ‘the largest outdoor advertising contract in the world’, covering the entire London rail network. This includes the London Underground, London Overground, Crossrail and …

Tags:DOOH| Large Display Monitor| Outfront Media| UK (United Kingdom)| Vol 23 - Issue 10

Boogie Board Sync: More than Meets the Eye

by Ken Werner

While Kent Displays (Kent, Ohio) – a struggling developer of cholesteric liquid-crystal technology – was converting itself into a successful consumer-products company whose devices are sold under the name Boogie Board, it fell off …

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Sharp and Intel Debut Mini OPS at DSE 2016

by Tom Allen

At Digital Signage Expo 2016, Sharp quietly introduced a Mini OPS solution that it has developed in collaboration with Intel. The Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) was originally introduced by Intel in 2010 (Display Monitor …

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RDSE 2016 Round-up

by Bob Raikes

3M Touch Systems had no new developments since ISE but was demonstrating the table with special object tracking application that was also being shown by its customer, Pyramid Electronics. The technology comes from Interactive …

Tags:Digital Signage| Interactive Tables| Large Display Monitor| LFD - Large Format Display| RDSE 2016| Small Pixel Pitch LED SPP| Video Walls| Vol 23 - Issue 10

Imagotag Adds NFC to ESLs

by Bob Raikes

SES Imagotag was formed when Store Electronic Systems acquired Austrian electronic shelf label (ESL) maker, Imagotag. We nearly missed the company at the show, but we were glad we found them as they had …

Tags:E Ink| Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)| EPD (Electrophoretic)| Large Display Monitor| RDSE 2016| Vol 23 - Issue 10

Pioneer Group Starts to Supply SPP LED

by Bob Raikes

Pioneer Group of the UK (not the Japanese brand) was showing its recently-introduced discrete LED displays which are currently available for indoor applications in pitches from 1.9mm to 6mm. The company is working on …

Tags:Autostereo 3D| face recognition| Large Display Monitor| QSRs & Menu Boards| RDSE 2016| Small Pixel Pitch LED SPP| Vol 23 - Issue 10

Optoma Shows Unique Advantages of Projection

by Bob Raikes

Optoma was the only company promoting projection products at the event. Although other projector companies were at the show (e.g. Epson), they were focusing on POS or other products. Optoma was highlighting applications that …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Projectors| RDSE 2016| Retail| Vol 23 - Issue 10

GDS Promotes Bonding & E Ink

by Bob Raikes

GDS was showing a range of its more unusual products. First we looked at its ‘floor LCDs’. The company told us that it had made a single installation of 800 of the displays in …

Tags:E Ink| EPD (Electrophoretic)| Large Display Monitor| Optical Bonding| RDSE 2016| Vol 23 - Issue 10

LG Explains its B2B Strategy

by Bob Raikes

Over the last year, LG has been developing its B2B strategy at a European level and the retail group, based in Amsterdam, was running the booth at RDSE. LG has vertical sales and marketing …

Tags:Digital Signage| Large Display Monitor| LG Electronics (LGE)| QSRs & Menu Boards| RDSE 2016| Vol 23 - Issue 10

Pyramid Exploits HPC in Retail

by Bob Raikes

Pyramid Computers is a German specialist in high performance computing (HPC). It has three businesses based on this core competence. One is the high performance computing business itself (and apparently its special HPC systems …

Tags:Aviation| Interactive Tables| Kiosks| Large Display Monitor| QSRs & Menu Boards| RDSE 2016| Retail| Vol 23 - Issue 10

AMD Enables eGPUs With Thunderbolt

by Tom Allen

AMD has announced that its new technology, XConnect, is behind Razer’s new Core external GPU product (Razer Shaves Weight From the Blade). The Razer Core is an external GPU Add-in-Board (AIB) holder. Using it, …

Tags:AMD| GPUs| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Razer| Thunderbolt| Vol 23 - Issue 10