GDS Promotes Bonding & E Ink

GDS was showing a range of its more unusual products. First we looked at its ‘floor LCDs’. The company told us that it had made a single installation of 800 of the displays in a project in Khazakstan (check spelling).

GDS was keen to highlight its bonding facilities and had a 98″ panel with bonded front panel and this certainly looked good as well as helping to improve the anti-reflective properties and the resistance to dust and dirt.

Also on display were the E Ink based displays that are available up to 32″. The company told us that it has a lot of interest in this kind of display for remote locations where power may be difficult to get or be limited. For example, there are parts of Scandinavia where such signage might be needed, but at some times of year, there is little solar power avalilable. The company also told us that keeping communications devices powered is usually more of a problem than the reflective displays.

GDS E Ink DisplayGDS’s E Ink Display can be used for nutritional information

An application developed on the 15″ (approx A4) E Ink display was for a restaurant. Once an order is placed, a QR code is shown on the display. The customer can then use that QR code to get a link to a notification application, so that they are alerted when the food is ready. This eliminates the need for special “buzzers”.

Analyst Comment

I had to correct a typo in the title of this market, I don’t think “GD Promotes Bonking” would have been entirely appropriate! (BR)