AMD Enables eGPUs With Thunderbolt

AMD has announced that its new technology, XConnect, is behind Razer’s new Core external GPU product (Razer Shaves Weight From the Blade).

The Razer Core is an external GPU Add-in-Board (AIB) holder. Using it, owners can add significant graphical power to the new Razer Blade Stealth, which features an integrated GPU. It will be shipped in April, and cost $500.

XConnect enables the pairing of an external Radeon GPU with a compatible notebook or hybrid product, through Thunderbolt 3. It is a new feature of AMD’s Radeon Software Crimson Edition

AMD plans to expand the list of Radeon GPUs that can support XConnect – currently, only the R9 300 series is compatible.

Analyst Comment

Other companies, notably Alienware and MSI, have produced external GPU adapters in the past. However, they used proprietary connectors – hence why the eGPU market has been limited. AMD’s XConnect is the first to use a standardised interface, and to be hot-swappable. (TA)

Acer had an external GPU docking station at CeBIT this week, but based on an Nvidia chip, rather than a card-based architecture. (BR) (CeBIT Reseller Hall Round-Up)