Razer’s ‘Black Viper’ Wants a Bite of the TV Market

An unnamed source at Razer Germany, speaking to German website, has revealed plans for a TV produced by the gaming company.

Razer began as an accessory maker, developing mice, keyboards and headsets. It later moved into displays, with tablets and laptops, and now appears to be moving up a size class, with a 55″ model code-named the Black Viper.’s source says that the Black Viper is an UltraHD model with lights around the edges, which can be dimmed in Gaming Mode. Meanwhile the ‘snake’s head’ is the Razer Columbra; a camera that can pop out of the top of the TV.

Razer is said to be working on a streaming solution that will link the Black Viper with its Edge tablet, enabling game streaming between the devices. There have also been rumours of an operating system called Poison OS.

The TV will use HDMI ports, capable of transferring UltraHD at 60fps, as well as DisplayPort. It will also have an HEVC decoder. claims that the TV will be presented at Gamescom 2015

Analyst Comment

Razer has being a long-time producer of PC products, but in recent years has begun a move into the console space, with gamepads, wireless keyboards/mice and a streaming set-top box (Razer Strikes Nvidia’s Shield). Producing a TV would be a huge change of focus for the company, so we have doubts about the veracity of this news – although integrating the streaming technology from the Forge TV STB would make sense.

There’s also Razer’s fondness for naming its various product families after different creatures; snakes are already used for the company’s mice. (TA)