Retro Gaming Handheld Goes OLED

by Emory Kale

When it comes to OLED displays in gaming, I was interested to find that the Anbernic RG405M handheld gaming device is now available for purchase at $167.99 on the company’s website. They offer it …

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HP Unveils Impressive Omen Gaming Displays and Monitors

by Artem Alekseenko

HP recently unveiled a new gaming monitor lineup, including the Omen 27k Gaming Monitor as the showpiece. This monitor features HDMI 2.1 support, allowing seamless gameplay on next-gen consoles and HP’s first-ever KVM switch, …

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Is There Room for LG OLED Displays in Esports?

by Omid Rahmat

A few weeks ago, a magazine feature was mourning the loss of esports teams after the crash of crypto markets, among the biggest sponsors of the competitive gamers. Crypto funding had created an unrealistic …

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Streaming Games to Your TV – The Devil’s in the Details

by Omid Rahmat

For TVs, cloud gaming is either the equivalent of switching from black and white to color, or the beginning of a nightmare of technical support and negative publicity for manufacturers and brands. So, imagine …

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AOC Debuts New Curved Gaming Monitor

by Omid Rahmat

The AG455UCX is a 44.5″ curved surface monitor. AOC claims the monitor has 100% sRGB coverage (based on CIE 1931) and a 122% sRGB color gamut area (based on CIE 1931). It also has …

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LG’s Micro Lens Array (MLA) Technology Applied to Gaming OLEDs

by Omid Rahmat

LG Display applied the MLA on the gaming OLED panels they launched this year. They expanded to gaming OLED panels after showcasing their MLA technology-based 3rd generation OLED TV panels at the beginning of …

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Samsung, LG, Acer, and MSI – The Year of $1,600 Gaming Monitors

by Milos Pavlovic

It’s not a gaming monitor unless someone is drooling over it. This year, using the power of anecdotal scrolling through the mire of social media and game publications, it was pretty clear to us …

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