Ergotron Updates LX & HX Mounts for Multi-Monitor

Ergotron has new HX desk and wall monitor arms and ‘streamlined and economical’ LX Dual Direct arm.

The HX arms are designed to support up to three monitors and are available in polished aluminium, white and silver finishes. Features of the HX arms include:

  • Base with 180° rotation stop to prevent it from hitting rear wall
  • Cable management feature routes cables tightly under the arm, through the extension, and along the bow out of the way
  • Includes Ergotron’s patented CF motion technology designed to provide premium ease-of-use display adjustment with 11.5″ (29.2cm) of vertical height adjustment
  • Hinge bow allows dual monitors to pan from left to right independently, ideal for screen sharing, monitor alignment and ergonomic comfort
  • Upgrade single or dual arms with the HX Triple Bow Kit (98-009) to create a triple monitor arm; kit accommodates three monitors up to 24″ and 2 – 10.2 lbs. (0.9 – 4.6 kg) capacity
  • 10-year warranty
  • Single monitor arm accommodates up to 42″ screens weighing 20 – 42 lbs (9.1 – 19.1 kg); dual arms accommodate up to 32″ monitors weighing 5 – 17.5 lbs (2.3 – 7.9 kg)
  • Single monitor arm has a monitor pivot with 360° rotation, 75° tilt and 180° pan; dual and triple monitor arms have independent quick release pivots with 360° P/L rotation, 75° tilt and 12° pan

The LX Desk Dual Direct Arm allows businesses to create an adjustable side-by-side monitor configuration that lifts both LCD screens simultaneously with a wide range of motion, making screens easier to see without sacrificing valuable desktop space, Ergotron claims. The LX Desk Dual Direct Arm offers tilt, pan, and rotational functionality supporting up to 24″ monitors, 2 – 11 lbs (0.9 – 5 kg) capacity, and is available in polished aluminum, painted white and silver. A Dual Direct Handle Kit is also available to aid quick and easy re-positioning of screens.

Ergotron’s HX dual mount