French Start-Up Allows Real Pen & Pencil Input

The Slate is a new drawing system developed by ISKN in Grenoble, France, that uses a special ring that is fitted to a traditional pen or pencil and uses magnetic tracking to digitise the motion of the pen (including tilt). The captured data is then transmitted to a smart device (currently iOS, but with Android ‘coming soon’) or a PC (Mac OSX or Windows). This can also be in real time.

Any pen or paper can be used as long as the ring can be fitted. The Slate has internal memory of 8GB so that it can be used in a ‘screenless’ mode. There are said to be twenty patented technologies in the Slate, which is being assembled in China.

The ‘essentials’ slate kit (including a ring, a pen and a notebook, costs $169 and the product is available for sale from Extra rings and special pens and a stylus for those that don’t want to create a physical image.

The Slate system – click for higher resolution

Analyst Comment

This looks like an interesting design product for those that are used to real media. We couldn’t embed the video, so you’ll need to look here. (BR)