Vol 23 - Issue 50


The Year of OLED, Perhaps…

by Bob Raikes

We’ve managed to get the newsletters finished slightly early this week so that the team can get the weekend off. We normally like to take a publishing break around the holiday. However, because CES …

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Baird Engineer Still Going at 104

by Bob Raikes

The BBC has interviewed one of the engineers that helped John Logie Baird with the construction of the first TV. He’s 104 and still going! Check the interview here.

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LG Boosts Volume Phone Offerings

by Bob Raikes

LG announced a new range of mid-priced smartphones that will be officially launched at CES. The phones bring technology down from higher LG models including a 120º wide angle front camera lens and rear …

Tags:LG Electronics (LGE)| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphones| Vol 23 - Issue 50

Chinese Makers Hit 1 Million AMOLEDs

by Bob Raikes

IHS Markit said that Chinese makers hit one million units of shipment of AMOLEDs for the first time in Q3, but that is less than 2% of the AMOLED smartphone market. Overall volume was …

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Generic Stabiliser Developed in France

by Bob Raikes

It’s not a display, but knowing that readers are interested in ‘visual things’, I thought that it was worth reporting on a new device developed by a “top 5 French Kickstarter” project to develop …

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VR Touch Will be at CES

by Bob Raikes

VRTouch is a new haptic wearable device that is designed to complement a VR headset. VRTouch is fully wireless, and has the size of a ring. The scalability of the concept involving one, two, …

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JDI Publishes Business Plan

by Bob Raikes

JDI has confirmed that it has received the cash from INCJ that it was expecting, but has also published a business plan, which can be downloaded here. The plan doesn’t add much to the …

Tags:Japan Display Inc (JDI)| JOLED| Mobile Display Monitor| OLEDs| Vol 23 - Issue 50

Smartkem Gets Investment for OTFT

by Bob Raikes

SmartKem of the UK, which is developing organic semiconductors, has received further funding from existing syndicate members of £3 million ($3.7 million). The money will be used to help the movement of the company’s …

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VPAs to Be Boosted Says Gartner

by Bob Raikes

Gartner said that by 2019, it expects 20% of all user interactions with smartphones will take place via VPAs such as Siri, Cortana or Google Now. A survey of 3,021 consumers found that 42% …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| Voice Input| Vol 23 - Issue 50

Strong Demand For Wearables in MEA

by Bob Raikes

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) wearables market continued to see steady growth in Q3 2016, according to IDC. The firm said that the Middle East and Africa (MEA) wearables market grew 38.3% year …

Tags:IDC| Market Data| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 50| Wearables

Huami to Get to #5 For Wearables?

by Bob Raikes

Huami, the subsidiary of Xiaomi that is supplying wearables, will ship 16 million devices this year, including the Xiaomi Mi Band, according to Asian sources. The value of the devices will be $216 million …

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Panel Prices Still Rising

by Bob Raikes

The latest IHS PriceWise data suggests that panel prices for TVs are continuing to rise with 49″ panels rising between $3 and $6 in December, while 55″ are up by $5 from November, having …

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