JDI Publishes Business Plan

JDI has confirmed that it has received the cash from INCJ that it was expecting, but has also published a business plan, which can be downloaded here. The plan doesn’t add much to the previous disclosures but highlights that it wants to move to getting more than half of its business from non-mobile display sales by FY 2021. It also wants to build “global strategic tie-ups”.

The key technology to achieve this is to move to flexible technology and to develop OLED manufacturing. It also outlines how JDI and JOLED would develop (JDI to Control JOLED, Gets Funding)


Analyst Comment

In one of the slides, the company suggests “Full Active”, which we take to mean the very narrow bezel technology we have been reporting on, then a flexible display technology “Flexible Full Active”. This will be followed by Evaporation-based OLED in FY18/19 and finally printed OLEDs. We assume, therefore, that the “Flexible Full Active” is based on LCD. The company wants to continue to develop into the new areas such as monitors and even digital signage, that JOLED had talked about. (BR)