Generic Stabiliser Developed in France

It’s not a display, but knowing that readers are interested in ‘visual things’, I thought that it was worth reporting on a new device developed by a “top 5 French Kickstarter” project to develop the SteadXP, which is a stabilisation device for action cams and DSLRs that is independent of the camera. The device uses 3-axis accelerometers and gyroscopes to record the camera’s rotations onto a memory card. The data is then combined with the video in the firm’s processing technology (Windows or Mac OSX) which stabilises the content.

The device can support 4K content and can even compensate for ‘global shuttter’ effects on video.

Analyst Comment

I wondered about the synchronisation, but as the sensor has a microphone, it seems that it uses sound for synchronisation of the motion and the video. In fact, this could be really handy for my video camera, which tends to suffer with global shutter – well, it would if I had time for videography! (BR)