AOC Recalls First Batch of Monitors in Europe Over PSUs

Due to a technical problem with the external power adapter and signal input box of a small number of units, AOC has recalled the two monitor models AOC PDS241 and PDS271. (AOC Uses F. A. Porsche for Design)

Problem with external adapter boxes
The AOC PDS241 and PDS271 monitors use an external box for power and image signal input. A small number of these boxes, provided by an external component supplier, turned out not to meet the requirements for minimal distances of its internal components. Therefore the risk of an electric shock cannot be completely ruled out. AOC asks customers in Europe to stop using their PDS241 and PDS271 monitors and unplug them from the power outlet, in order to avoid any potential risk related to the external box.

AOC Adapter

Seamless return process
AOC is currently in contact with distribution partners to make sure that owners of the AOC PDS241 or PDS271 monitors can return their units in an easy and seamless way, and get flawless replacement units quickly.