Recalls & Problems


LG Recalls 56,700 86-inch Free-Standing Smart TVs

by Omid Rahmat

The TV can become unstable while on the assembled stand, posing serious tip-over and entrapment hazards that can result in injuries or death to children and others. This recall involves four LG Electronics 86-inch …

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AOC Recalls First Batch of Monitors in Europe Over PSUs

by Bob Raikes

Due to a technical problem with the external power adapter and signal input box of a small number of units, AOC has recalled the two monitor models AOC PDS241 and PDS271. (AOC Uses F. …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| MMD (AOC Philips)| Recalls & Problems| Vol 24 - Issue 32


Another Lithium-ion Battery Recall by HP

by Alan Spencer

Due to potential burn and fire hazards, HP is expanding its recall of laptop batteries for notebooks under its brand of Compaq. A statement from the Consumer Product Safety Commission says HP will recall …

Tags:Batteries| HP Inc| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Recalls & Problems| Vol 24 - Issue 04

Samsung Sued Over S7 Edge Injury

by Yvette Raikes

Samsung’s phone problems are deepening. After problems with exploding batteries (read more here), the company issued a recall of its Galaxy Note 7 phones. However, the recall did not include the S7 Edge products …

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iPhone Owners Complain of Random Shutdowns

by Tom Allen

Owners of the new iPhone 6S have taken to Apple’s support forum to complain about unexpected shutdowns. The problem is occurring at random, which – several users say – has resulted in them missing …

Tags:Apple| iPhone| Mobile Display Monitor| Recalls & Problems| Vol 22 - Issue 40

Apple Issues iPhone Recall

by Tom Allen

Some models of Apple’s iPhone 6+ are being recalled, because of a camera problem. Certain models, ‘primarily’ sold between September 2014 and January 2015, have been found to only be capable of taking blurry …

Tags:Apple| iPhone| Mobile Display Monitor| Recalls & Problems| Vol 22 - Issue 34

Lenovo Widens Battery Recall

by Tom Allen

Lenovo has extended its recall for faulty Thinkpad batteries to include computers shipped between 2010 and 2012. The batteries may overheat, posing a fire hazard. A list of affected devices can be found at …

Tags:Batteries| Large Display Monitor| Lenovo| Mobile Display Monitor| Notebooks| Recalls & Problems| Vol 22 - Issue 18

Panasonic Expands Battery Recall

by Raverstead

Panasonic has expanded the recall of Toughbook H2 battery packs in the USA, which it began earlier this year. The recall now covers battery packs manufactured between June 2011 and September 2012 (previously May …

Tags:Batteries| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Panasonic| Recalls & Problems| USA| Vol 21 - Issue 46

Apple Warranties Become More Even-Handed

by Raverstead

Analysing Apple data over the last 11 years, 369 Week has concluded that the company is ‘giving its customers a break’. Apple is paying more 369 claims and keeping extended 369 prices steady, resulting …

Tags:Apple| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Recalls & Problems| Vol 21 - Issue 44

iPhone 6 Plus – the First Flexible Phone from Apple?

by Norbert Hildebrand Don't Use

Smartphone – After the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it seemed that Apple had produced another winner in the consumer electronics world. This has now been questioned, at least for the …

Tags:Apple| iPhone| Mobile Display Monitor| Recalls & Problems| Vol 21 - Issue 38| Volume 21

JVC’s Cracked Neck Causes Tipping

by Super User

About 27,000 JVC 42″ TVs have been affected by a warranty issue in the USA. It has been found that the neck of the stand on the EM42FTR (serial number beginning with ‘T’) can …

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