Vol 24 - Issue 32


Voice Control and China at IFA

by Bob Raikes

Well, I’d like to pretend that this editorial was carefully planned and thought through, but the reality is that it’s being hammered out in my hotel room as we desperately try to get both …

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IFA is an OLED Fest!

by Bob Raikes

We’ve been through a couple of days of press events and a day and a half of the show and there’s a clear pattern. At every TV press event, except those by Samsung and …

Tags:External GPU (eGPU)| IFA 2017| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| OLED TVs| Vol 24 - Issue 32

Volfoni Launches Upgrade Program

by Damir Lokas

Volfoni Limited, the leading European provider of 3D technology, announced the launch of the new Volfoni Upgrade Program. This programme was designed to provide an upgrade path from legacy 3D cinema hardware systems from …

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Caterpillar Adds Rugged Tablet

by Bob Raikes

Caterpillar is bringing its first rugged tablet to the market, with a list price of €649 (including tax – $640). The rugged tablet, with a Windows 10 operating system and LTE, was specially developed …

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Fox Sports Plans UHD College Football

by Bob Raikes

Fox Sports in the US plans to produce one college football game per week in UltraHD (a total of 13 games) starting on 2nd September and featuring the Maryland Terrapins versus the Texas Longhorns. …

Tags:4k| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Sports and Stadiums| UltraHD| USA| Vol 24 - Issue 32

MStar Adopts Dolby MS12 v2 for Atmos Support

by Bob Raikes

Dolby Labs and MStar said that MStar has made a new Dolby Multistream Decoder MS12 chip that can provide TV makers with a single-package solution for decoding premium audio content worldwide — broadcast, file-based, …

Tags:Chips| Dolby Atmos| Large Display Monitor| Semiconductors| Vol 24 - Issue 32

RTS Tests UHD and HDR at Montreux Jazz Festival

by Andrew Fenn

Swiss broadcaster Radio Télévision Suisse took the opportunity to test out ultra high-definition and HDR live recording and post-production at this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival, using the Leader LV5490. Kevin Salvidge, Leader’s European Regional …

Tags:4k| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Large Display Monitor| Pro AV| Vol 24 - Issue 32

Global Smartphone YoY Growth

Phablet Sales Contribute to Smartphone Growth

by Yvette Raikes

Global smartphone shipments will grow until 2021, according to IDC’s updated forecast. 1.47 billion were sold in 2016 and this is expected to rise to 1.7 billion in 2021, with the researcher predicting a …

Tags:IDC| Market Data| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphone Market| Vol 24 - Issue 32

An OLED-Based Flexible Clothing Display is Under Development

by Arthur Berman

A research team led by Kyung Cheol Choi at the Electric and Electronic Engineering Department within the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Daejeon, Korea) is developing an OLED technology that is hoped …

Tags:Flexible Displays| Mobile Display Monitor| OLEDs| Vol 24 - Issue 32

VR @ ISTE 2017: In the Exhibit Hall

by Len Scrogan

In many ways, the virtual reality exhibitors at the ISTE 2017 expo hall reminded me of the sights, sounds and drama of a major multi-match boxing event. (The ISTE 2017 educational technology conference held …

Tags:Education| Mobile Display Monitor| Virtual Reality| Vol 24 - Issue 32

Worldwide Wearables Market Grows 10.3% in Second Quarter

by Alan Spencer

According to the IDC Wearables Tracker, the worldwide wearables market again has shown positive growth as shipments grew 10.3% in the second quarter of 2017 compared to the same quarter in 2016. Shipments reached …

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