RTS Tests UHD and HDR at Montreux Jazz Festival

Swiss broadcaster Radio Télévision Suisse took the opportunity to test out ultra high-definition and HDR live recording and post-production at this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival, using the Leader LV5490.

Kevin Salvidge, Leader’s European Regional Development Manager, said:

“RTS identified the Montreux Jazz Festival as an ideal subject for evaluating the potential of UHD HDR. The combination of bright lighting on performers and much lower lighting in the auditorium pushes the dynamic capabilities of traditional HD television to the limits. Shooting UHD in standard dynamic range increases the visibility of any video noise in the system, particularly in darker areas, because the amount of detail in the images is much greater than in HD”.

Meanwhile, RTS Colourist Anne-Laure Sacher said:

“Having seen the LV5490 being used during the live production process, it was only natural that we used the LV5490 in post-production, where we have been tasked with delivering Sony SLOG-3, SMPTE-2084 (PQ) and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) versions of the finished project. The LV5490 supports all these flavours of HDR, and its real-time false colour Cinezone HDR and CIE colour chart seamlessly complement the signal waveform displays traditionally used in post-production”.

RTS plans to provide footage shot and produced during the study to demonstrate the benefits of Ultra HD and HDR at this year’s IBC event in Amsterdam from the 14th to the 18th of September.