MStar Adopts Dolby MS12 v2 for Atmos Support

Dolby Labs and MStar said that MStar has made a new Dolby Multistream Decoder MS12 chip that can provide TV makers with a single-package solution for decoding premium audio content worldwide — broadcast, file-based, OTT/VOD services, and pay-TV operators. This is the first generally available IC in the world to support MS12 v2.2 GA as well as Dolby Vision, enabling advanced audiovisual experiences in mainstream TVs. The chip also supports Dolby AC-4 for ATSC 3.0.

Dolby said that Dolby Atmos is supported in over ten major streaming and pay-TV services, including Netflix and Vudu, with over 200 home releases to date mixed in Dolby Atmos.

The Dolby MS12 expands postprocessing capabilities. Intelligent Loudness provides ITU-R relative and speech-gated loudness control and regulatory information for automated loudness management. For TV receivers, the Dolby MS12 is said to improve the sound of the small built-in TV speakers with enhanced bass response, speaker tuning for optimum performance, and virtual surround sound.

Other new features of the Dolby MS12 include automatic pass-through of Dolby Digital Plus signals with Dolby Atmos extensions and speech-gated Dialogue Enhancement.

The Dolby MS12 includes licenses for the included Dolby technologies at a lower overall cost than separate licenses for existing Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, and transcoder options.