The IMax VR Experience is Tested

We’ve reported regularly on the development of VR ‘Experiences’ by IMax, so were intrigued to see a review of the Los Angeles Center on the Wareable blog. The blog reports that in the first four weeks of a quiet launch, around 5,000 customers have paid $7 to $10 for a five to fifteen minute experience. Around half are trying VR for the first time.

The reviewer tried different headsets, the Vive, which is the main device, and the StarVR headset, that we saw at IFA (Acer Jumps onto Gaze for Monitors & PCs) and has a wide field of view and higher resolution than the Vive and he appreciated the difference. The only experience he tried twice was a simulated rollercoaster ride, with a moving chair.

As well as trying the experiences, the reviewer interviewed Rob Lister, IMax Chief Business Development Officer. Lister admitted that for IMax, the current period is a learning time for IMax, both in terms of the technology, but also customer issues, such as price elasticity. There are plans to try the experience in Japan, the Middle East, Europe and, probably, China. If the first six or so can make money, the experiment will be scaled up.