Vol 24 - Issue 07

intel compute card

Sometimes the News is the System, not the Display

by Bob Raikes

We managed to get the ISE report done this week for our LDM subscribers, while trying to get ready for our Mobile World Congress trip from Sunday. This is a busy time of year, …

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European Monitors End 2016 on Positive Note

by Bob Raikes

The Desktop monitor market in Europe was very positive in Q4 2016 according to Meko’s DisplayCast Desktop Monitor service, with 6.6% growth over 2015 and with 15.9% growth from Q3, which was in line …

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VR Centre Opens in Seoul

by Bob Raikes

The South Korean government has opened a new centre in Western Seoul to act as a hub for developments in Virtual Reality. There has been an opening ceremony for the Korea Virtual Reality – …

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LG X Power2 Has High Capacity Battery

by Bob Raikes

LG has announced a new mainstream mobile phone that will be shown at MWC. The LG X Power2 is aimed at those that want big battery capacity combined with a large screen (a 5.5″ …

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Samsung OLED Share to Drop from 89% to 72%

by Bob Raikes

UBIResearch said that the market for AMOLEDs will continue to be dominated by Samsung as the market grows to $57 billion by 2020. The company expects Chinese players to enter the market in a …

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Top Five Selling Projectors for January Listed for North America

by Alan Spencer

PMA Research lists the top five selling projectors in a number of categories and publishes the lists every month. The firm has been collecting monthly data for 18 years from North American projector dealers, …

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NEC Debuts RB Laser + Green Phosphor Projector

by Chris Chinnock

NEC has introduced a new lighting option for projectors serving the digital cinema market. Calleed the NC1700L, it offers the first red and blue laser – plus green phosphor solid state illumination solution. To …

Tags:Cinema Projection| Large Display Monitor| Laser Phosphor Projectors| NEC| Vol 24 - Issue 07

Vodafone Spain to Introduce UHD

by Alan Spencer

Vodafone Spain’s is to offer an additional service based on the latest version of the TiVo platform and will include five UltraHD channels plus UltraHD coverage of La Liga football and Netflix content. The …

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CrucialTec Introduces On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

by Alan Spencer

According to the Korea Herald, on-screen fingerprint scanners are now being introduced by fingerprint module maker CrucialTec and will be available to global smartphone manufacturers this year. The “Display Fingerprint Solution” is claimed to …

Tags:Fingerprint Recognition| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 24 - Issue 07

Mitsubishi Modules Vibration Resistant to 6.8Gs

by Bob Raikes

Mitsubishi Electric has said that it is about to launch 7.0″ and 8.0″ versions of its Tough Series of LCD modules that are for use in construction, agricultural vehicles and factories as they are …

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Google Cardboard VR has 69% VR Share in 2016

by Alan Spencer

VR headset shipments for 2016 show that Google’s Cardboard platform dominated with 69% of volume shipments and installed base according to Strategy Analytics. Samsung Gear had an impressive volume shipment of 17% of the …

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Fire TV Stick Now in UK, Germany, Japan

by Alan Spencer

Amazon is introducing voice control to its new Fire TV Stick. The new Fire Stick will be sold in UK, Germany and Japan and will feature Alexa voice control. Alexa voice control is currently …

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