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Imax Has A Backlog of Orders

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Advanced Television reported that IMax has had a strong year in Asia despite the pandemic and said that it has installed 71 cinema systems and signed agreements for 65 extra systems …

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HDR Cinema Screen Update from Display Summit 2018

by Chris Chinnock

The morning of October 3rd was devoted to discussing the technology and related issues around creating an HDR solution for cinema. Dan Cryan from IHS started the session by giving an overview of the …

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A Visit with IMax’s David Keighley

by Chris Chinnock

I am out in LA for DisplayWeek, but came in early for some extra meetings. One of them was to visit with David Keighley, President and Chief Quality Officer at IMax, and to get …

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Industry Roll-Out Round up

by Chris Chinnock

IMax has a new laser projector and 12-channel audio solution (see separate write up) that is getting good acceptance. A pilot system has been installed in LA where exhibitors can see the solution. It …

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IMax Upgrades Laser Projector

by Chris Chinnock

About two years ago, IMax launched a laser projector solution call GT that is a dual laser solution for the large screens in an IMax theater. At CinemaCon, they announced the next generation of …

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Can LED Help the Drop in 3D Cinema?

by Bob Raikes

After the false dawn of 3D on TV, cinema was the remaining key market for 3D display and content, but now Imax Entertainment CEO, Greg Foster, has said that the technology would no longer …

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The IMax VR Experience is Tested

by Bob Raikes

We’ve reported regularly on the development of VR ‘Experiences’ by IMax, so were intrigued to see a review of the Los Angeles Center on the Wareable blog. The blog reports that in the first …

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First “True 8K” 120fps Dome Demo

by Chris Chinnock

That was the headline that enticed me to fly to Toronto and the annual Giant Screen Cinema Association International Conference and Trade Show (GSCA). This event is all about the latest planetarium, IMax and …

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A Booth Tour of the TCL Chinese RGB Laser IMAX Theater

by Chris Chinnock

When in Hollywood, you should do some sightseeing. For me, that meant a booth tour at the IMax theater adjacent to the SMPTE conference. This is located in the TCL Chinese theater (formerly the …

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RealD Finds Big Problem with 6p 3D Glasses for PLF Laser Projection

by Chris Chinnock

6p laser projection offers many advantages for theatrical 3D such as high luminance and high contrast. 3D separation is based upon glasses that use two different sets of RGB filters to pass the 6 …

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Dolby to Take on IMAX in Large Format Theaters

by Matthew Brennesholtz

On December 3rd, Dolby Laboratories announced Dolby Cinema, a branded premium cinema to compete with IMAX. It will offer moviegoers an experience that combines, Dolby says, “spectacular” image and sound technologies with “inspired” design …

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Chris on transparent 100 x 100

IMAX Reveals New 12-Track Audio Solution

by Chris Chinnock Don't Use

Digital Cinema – During a recent visit to IMAX in Mississauga, Ontario, we had a chance to get a demo of IMAX’s new audio solution. The current system is based on six tracks of …

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