Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)


All Technical Paths to Wider Color Gamut Possible

by Emory Kale

Color gamut growth and HDR are the core technical challenges driving innovation in the industry,

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UltraHD Forum Updates on the ‘State of the Union’

by Bob Raikes

Yesterday, we reported on the talk by Paul Gray of Omdia at the 4KHDR Summit about the state of the TV market and today we have report on the talk from the same event …

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Omdia Updates on TV at the 4KHDR Summit

by Bob Raikes

This week the 4KHDR Forum in Spain held its annual long summit – it lasts the week! I picked a couple of talks to listen to online that I thought would be of most …

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Phosphor & Quantum Dot Industry Forum 2022

by Peter Palomaki

Last week was the return of the in-person Phosphor & Quantum Dot Industry Forum. It’s always a challenge to distil conferences like this into key takeaways, but here is my best shot at highlighting …

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Samsung’s IFA Innovation Room Impresses

by Bob Raikes

Samsung, as it often does at CES and other big trade shows, had what it calls an Innovation room to show journalists the latest technologies away from the crowds on the show floor. This …

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QDs and Phosphors Can Exist in Harmony

by Peter Palomaki

You may have noticed that I enjoy taking apart TVs and understanding the optical materials on the inside. While this isn’t exactly possible during a trade show, I can point my spectrometer at them …

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Palomaki Rips Up a QD-OLED TV

by Bob Raikes

Our own Peter Palomaki tore down a Samsung S95B QD-OLED TV. Teasingly, in this part one video, he showed that he would be using a UV flashlight – a test we had hoped to …

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Give me back my gamut, QD-OLED!

by Peter Palomaki

Yes, I recently got a QD-OLED. Yes, I will ruin a perfectly amazing looking $2000 TV. But not today. I have been dying to get my hands on a Samsung S95B ever since seeing …

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Maciejewski Touts TCL’s TV Tech in Twenty Two

by Bob Raikes

Marek Maciejewski of TCL has started a YouTube channel and uploaded an interesting 45 minute video on developments in the TCL TV business this year. There’s a lot in it but a couple of …

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Let’s Keep the OLED Scientists Busy with More Colours

by Bob Raikes

The I-Zone is always an interesting feature of the Display Week Exhibition. The Committee that runs the area, which is populated by research efforts and start-ups, chooses a winner and an honouree. This year’s …

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Brompton Brings Live LUTs to Virtual Production

by Bob Raikes

LUTs (Look Up Tables) are a simple idea. You have two lists and for each value in list one, you have a corresponding value in list 2. When a system or process receives a …

Tags:Colour Grading| Graphics Processing| LED| Small Pixel Pitch LED SPP| Virtual Sets| Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)

Revisiting Color Gamut with Quantum Dots

by Peter Palomaki

As a QD expert I can’t help but think A LOT about color gamut. And frequent readers know how important this is in display technology these days. While there have been updates to the …

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