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Automotive Displays Part I: The Market is Huge

by Bob Raikes

At Display Week 2023, automotive displays were very prominent, and there are very good reasons for that.

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First Full-Color LCDs using CQD Lasers as Backlight

by Omid Rahmat

Thanks to the narrow line width and high brightness, colloidal quantum dot (CQD) lasers show promising applications in next-generation displays. However, CQD laser-based displays have yet to be demonstrated because of two challenges in …

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Sky Upgrades Glass Backlight Firmware

by Bob Raikes

What They Say What Hi-Fi in the UK attended a press event held by Sky about the new streaming puck, but Sky also showe a demonstration of improvements to the backlights in the recently …

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MiniLEDs with Yole Part 1

by Bob Raikes

Back in August, Yole ran a webinar that looked at miniLED with Eric Virey from the firm and Eric Li from Silicon Core, someone I am always happy to catch at trade shows – …

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QDs and Phosphors Can Exist in Harmony

by Peter Palomaki

You may have noticed that I enjoy taking apart TVs and understanding the optical materials on the inside. While this isn’t exactly possible during a trade show, I can point my spectrometer at them …

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A New Opportunity For Display Participants in Taiwan

by Ian Hendy

I am always fascinated by disruptive changes in our display landscape: (i) players moving in new directions (such as Tianma’s announcement that it plans a large panel fab, broadening its market scope from being …

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Corning Explains How a Glass Diffuser Can Reduce MiniLED Use

by Bob Raikes

At the SID/DSCC Business Conference, Corning’s Han Yim explained how the company continues to look for ways to exploit the properties of its glass in LCDs and OLEDs. In particular, he highlighted the use …

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Display Week Pick & Mix

by Bob Raikes

Some of the things I saw at Display Week didn’t look as though they were enough for a full Display Daily article, but are worth a mention, so here’s a ‘Pick & Mix’ round-up …

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A Cut-Away View of MiniLEDs

by Bob Raikes

All we analysts love a teardown. It’s great to see how things are put together in real detail. It’s the modern equivalent of the ‘cut-away view’ that I loved as a youngster. At Display …

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