Galaxy Z Fold5 Aces Rankings in Dxomark Display Tests

by Emory Kale

One of the standout features of the Galaxy Z Fold5’s display, according to Dxomark, was its ability to maintain readability even under direct sunlight—a quality that is not commonly observed among ultra-premium smartphones.

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How Close Are We to the Post-iPhone Era?

by Omid Rahmat

The most compelling reason to replace or upgrade a smartphone may be the display technology. Is that true or are we just in a tech slump, plain and simple?

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The Killer Price of Foldables

by Omid Rahmat

How much of an influence is the fact that Apple hasn’t entered the foldables market, yet?

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SID Display Week 2023

Rounding up a Return to a Vibrant Display Week 2023

by Peter Palomaki

Los Angeles welcomed more than 5,000 display professionals last week in what finally felt like a true return to in-person conferencing. Attendees from all over the globe gathered to discuss, share, and see the latest in display technology.

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Google IO Product Launches: AI, Carumba!

by Omid Rahmat

Google IO was like that time you got served canapés instead of dinner, and ended up at a MacDonald’s drive-through before you gnawed your arm off.

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