Ultra-Thin Glass Market Set to Boom Thanks to Foldable Phones

Schott Ultrathin glass

The market for ultra-thin glass (UTG) used in foldable smartphone displays is positioned for rapid growth over the next two years, according to a new report by market research firm TrendForce.

Source: TrendForce

The report projects that the value of the UTG market will reach $360 million in 2023, more than double its current size. By 2024, TrendForce forecasts the market will expand to $600 million. Propelling this growth is the increasing adoption of foldable smartphones by major manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei and Motorola. These premium phones utilize UTG instead of plastic or other materials as the display cover because it is thinner and more durable, resulting in less visible creasing on the screen.

Source: TrendForce

TrendForce analyst Display SP Chou stated that modern, foldable smartphones are redefining consumer priorities toward toughness, slimness and weight. UTG has secured over 90% market share in the newest foldable models. Producing flawless UTG is a complex process mastered by only a few suppliers such as Corning and Schott. New entrants like China’s Tungshu Group are now stepping into the market.