Sigma Adds HDR10+ Support

Sigma Designs said that it would support the HDR10+ HDR specification in its STV7803 and STV7804. The specification is being standardised by SMPTE as ST.2094-40. Sigma said that this is the third version of its UltraHD HDR technology and the company said that this has been possible because of the programmability of the chips.

The company quotes data from Strategy Analytics that forecasts that sales of HDR-enabled TVs will reach 58 million in 2020, with the installed base by then getting to 107 million.

Analyst Comment

HDR10+ is the version of HDR with dynamic metadata – think of it as an open version of Dolby Vision HDR (although I’m sure Dolby won’t like me saying it!)

Separately, Sigma announced that it has appointed bankers (Deutsche Bank) to make an “exploration of strategic alternatives that may enhance stockholder value” (BR)