LG Plans Firmware Patch for OLED Latency


Last week, we reported that LG was being criticised over the input lag on its TVs, a complaint expressed by gamers. (LG In Trouble with Gamers for OLED Input Lag) quoted LG’s response in full as follows:

“LG Electronics has been made aware that some customers are experiencing lag on their displays when playing HDR games on LG TVs.

LG engineers are currently working on a firmware patch to address the issue which is expected to roll out shortly.

LG is also working on a solution for 2017 LG TV models which may include the option of an HDR gaming mode.

LG is committed to providing the highest standards of product quality and customer service.

As such, we regret any inconvenience this has caused our customers and confirm our commitment to resolving this issue as quickly as possible.”

Analyst Comment

It’s not clear whether LG can solve this issue completely, but clearly LG thinks it can do something and has responded quickly to take the heat out of this situation. OLEDs have to do quite a lot of processing on data to deal with issues of uniformity – for example, LG uses the technology from Ignis and this may have an impact on the time it takes to put an image on the display. Ignis Signs Patent License With LGD (BR)