Samsung to Take Over QD Vision

We reported rumours of a takeover by Samsung of QD Vision last week, (Samsung to Buy QDVision?) and now the ET Times in Korea has confirmed the news and the price of $70 million that is being discussed. Samsung is said to have been involved after a number of companies were invited to bid for the firm. As expected, the key reason is to acquire quantum dot technology and Samsung is said to have been competing with Nanosys of the US and other Chinese companies, including BOE, for the firm which has suffered cash flow issues.

The paper also reported that NaJing of China, which has been researching QDs for twenty years, plans to produce a prototype QLED display in 2019.

Samsung would not confirm the deal to the ET Times.

Analyst Comment

Nanosys, another developer of QDs, has been in legal dispute with QD Vision since April, so it is unclear what will happen to that dispute after the takeover. Samsung supplies TVs using QD technology licensed from Nanosys and Jason Hartlove, CEO of Nanosys, took part in Samsung’s 2016 IFA TV press event. (BR)