Quantum Dots


UK-Based Nanoco Reaches Settlement with Samsung in US Courts

by Omid Rahmat

Nanoco, the Quantum Dot developer, had sued Samsung for patent infringement back in 2020. The case was to go to trial today, January 6, 2023, in a Texas court, but both parties have reached …

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Top Display Technologies For 2023

by Sweta Dash

It is time to evaluate display technology trends for 2023. The flat panel display market slowed down considerably in 2022 as demand declined after two years of outstanding growth in demand driven by Pandemic …

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Samsung Lost Ground in Advanced TV Market in Q3’22

by Bob Raikes

What They Say DSCC posted a blog article that outlined that Samsung lost unit and revenue share in Q3 to its rivals, LG, Sony & TVL in the Advanced TV market as detailed in …

Tags:MiniLED| OLED TVs| QD OLEDs| Quantum Dots| TV Set Market

Bottom Up, ‘Cinematic’ Chemistry for Blue QDs

by Bob Raikes

Most quantum dot displays use a source of blue light (LEDs in nearly all cases except Samsung Display’s QD-OLED panels) but this means that you have to make the blue light emit from the …

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Omdia Updates on TV at the 4KHDR Summit

by Bob Raikes

This week the 4KHDR Forum in Spain held its annual long summit – it lasts the week! I picked a couple of talks to listen to online that I thought would be of most …

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Mid-week Links – Week Ending 18th November 2022

by Bob Raikes

Every week we see some articles that don’t really need comment or are just plain interesting. Here are a few from the middle of this week. Samsung QN900B 8k QLED TV Review (RTings looks …

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A Glimpse of NextGen Technology @ OLEDs World Summit 2022

by Sweta Dash

OLED display technology is continuing to advance for next generation products. A glimpse of that was seen through various presentations at the OLEDs World Summit 2022 conference in October this year. Technology development, improvements …

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Phosphor & Quantum Dot Industry Forum 2022

by Peter Palomaki

Last week was the return of the in-person Phosphor & Quantum Dot Industry Forum. It’s always a challenge to distil conferences like this into key takeaways, but here is my best shot at highlighting …

Tags:Nanosys| Phosphors| Quantum Dots| Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)

Raysolve Microdisplay Shown

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Raysolve based in Hong Kong has released a video demonstrating its latest 0.39″ microLED monolithic microdisplay which is based on blue LEDs with a photolithographic QD colour conversion layer (Raysolve Announced …

Tags:Microdisplays| MicroLED| Quantum Dots

Quantum Dot and MiniLED: Can it empower AR/VR/MR displays? Part 1

by Sweta Dash

Meta introduced its “Meta Quest Pro” high-end mixed reality device at the Meta Connect event this month. It is expected to be available for purchase in October 25th for $1499.99. According to Meta, they …

Tags:HMDs (Head Mounted Displays)| MiniLED| Mixed Reality| Phosphors| Quantum Dots| Virtual Reality

Quantum Dot and MiniLED: Can it empower AR/VR/MR displays? Part 2

by Sweta Dash

Display requirements are different for VR (and pass-through AR) and see-through AR. For VR (and pass-through AR) most displays are based on TFT LCD and AMOLED. In general, immersive display needs are as follows: …

Tags:HMDs (Head Mounted Displays)| MiniLED| Mixed Reality| Phosphors| Quantum Dots| Virtual Reality

Advanced TV Market Expected to Reach $36 Billion by 2026

by Bob Raikes

What They Say DSCC published extracts from its forecast for Advanced TV report and predicted that the value of that market (QD LCD, 8K, QD-OLED, OLED, MiniLED and microLED sets) will rise to $36.1 …

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