Vol 23 - Issue 46


Samsung Re-aligning

by Bob Raikes

We got a bit ahead this week as I have a family event this week, so wanted to get the issues done so that I could relax and we managed to do that, helped …

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Apparel Ahead of CE on Black Friday

by Bob Raikes

Statista reported research from Nielsen that more US consumers were planning to buy apparel (61%) than consumer electronics (56%) or video games (43%) although those were the top three categories.

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Google Reverts to Chromecast Brand

by Bob Raikes

Google has reverted to the ChromeCast branding for its HDMI OTT TV dongle after changing to Google Cast earlier this year. The Google Cast name is still being used for content aimed at developers.

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AOC Aims at Gamers

by Bob Raikes

AOC has introduced the Agon AG251FZ monitor which is a 25″ TN FullHD monitor that is claimed to be the fastest in the world, as it has a 240Hz refresh rate and a 1ms …

Tags:Desktop Monitors| Game Playing| Large Display Monitor| MMD (AOC Philips)| Vol 23 - Issue 46

Nanolumens Wins NZ Mall

by Bob Raikes

Nanolumens won a deal for dual 2.7m x 4.8m displays with 6mm pitch for the Britomart Transportation Centre, the country’s busiest metro station in Auckland, New Zealand. The project was put together by QMS …

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Merck/EMD Confirms Nanoco Quantum Dot Technology Transfer on Fast Track

by Ken Werner

Two weeks ago in this space I reported on an extensive conversation with Michael Edelman, CEO of the UK-based quantum-dot developer Nanoco (accent on the second syllable according to Edelman.) During that conversation, Edelman …

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Daydream-ready Phone Minimum Requirements Detailed in Android Documentation

by Bob Raikes

Google has defined the requirements for a Daydream VR device in the latest Compatibility Definition Document for Android. Displays must have at least 1080p resolution (with a strong recommendation of 1440p) between 4.7″ and …

Tags:AR/VR| Google| Mobile Display Monitor| Virtual Reality| Vol 23 - Issue 46

HTC Confirms Profitability of Vive

by Bob Raikes

In its earnings call last month, HTC said that it has sold ‘much more’ than the 140K – 150K of its Vive headsets and also confirmed that it is selling the headsets at a …

Tags:AR/VR| HTC| Mobile Display Monitor| Virtual Reality| Vol 23 - Issue 46

Lenovo to launch Moto Z in Taiwan

by Bob Raikes

According to local sources, Lenovo will introduce Moto Z-series smartphones in Taiwan. The Moto Z has a 5.5″ QuadHD OLED display with a Snapdragon 820 CPU, 13mp and 5mp cameras with 4GB RAM and …

Tags:Lenovo| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphones| Taiwan| Vol 23 - Issue 46

Samsung Might Take Wing in 2017

by Bob Raikes

There has been lots of speculation about what Samsung may do with flexible electronics and we just spotted a graphic from a patent for a concept that might be called “Galaxy Wing”. The idea …

Tags:Flexible Displays| Mobile Display Monitor| Samsung| Vol 23 - Issue 46

And finally… Pharmacy Hacked with Porn

by Bob Raikes

Invidis, the Munich-based digital signage consultancy, posted an article (in German) about a hack to a pharmacy system that allowed an iPhone user to display pornography on the pharmacy displays. The company said that …

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Taiwan to Make 20 Million Monitors in Q4

by Bob Raikes

Digitimes Research estimates that Taiwan ODMs and OBMs will ship 20.158 million monitors in Q4 2016, down 2.5% on Q3 and down 5.3% down on Q4 2015. The quantity represents 65.2% of the global …

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