LG In Trouble with Gamers for OLED Input Lag

Gamers have raised complaints about input lag on LG’s HDR OLED TVs and have put a petition on asking LG to do something about the delay which is said to be around 50ms – 60ms. The petition says:

With millions of PS4 consoles now having HDR support for videogames, along with millions of Xbox One S and PS4 Pro consoles being sold this holiday season, the owners of LG OLED TVs are requesting LG address gaming support by adding an HDR + Game Mode picture setting to the 2016 lineup through a firmware upgrade. Loyal OLED owners, who have spent thousands of dollars on their top-of-the-line TVs, request that LG address this issue as other competitors, such as Samsung and Sony, have already addressed this with firmware updates for their TVs. For even the casual gamer, input lag in regular HDR mode is very high in the 60-70ms range. We are requesting LG to address this issue, which will allow gamers of all types to experience lower input lag while playing HDR videogames.

A writer on, John Archer, contacted LG which said that:

“HDR gaming is undoubtedly going to become more popular with an increase in console and title sales. LG are fully committed to delivering a wide range of HDR formats and choice throughout its OLED TV & LED TV ranges, and will continue to improve picture quality across all forms of content i.e. OTT, IPTV, Satellite and gaming consoles.”

On being further pushed, the company said that it was unsure if the issue could be solved with a firmware update.

Analyst Comment

It’s quite possible that the amount of processing needed in the LG OLED TVs make gaming lag a challenge. It’s not, of course, an issue with video replay, but is bound to disappoint those that want to be able to play games on these very good looking sets. The petition had over 2,000 signatures when we looked online. (BR)

LG OLED TV GamingThe reviewer in this image from raised the question of input lag on LG’s OLED TVs in 2014