Lang Uses COTS Products for Uncompressed 8K

As in previous years, Lang Ag had a small booth under the branding of the Lang Academy training school. Staff told us that this meant that it could have a small booth, rather than appearing as the full company and needing then to make something much more substantial. On the booth, the company was showing (later in the day – there were some problems early on!) a system based on an AV Stumpfl server and using all ‘off the shelf’ rental components from its range, that was showing uncompressed 8K video. The content was being shown on a Sharp 8K LCD and it looked very good indeed – the content was excellent and the level of detail in the content was phenomenal. In the couple of hours between the system starting to work and us seeing it, the company had already received a serious enquiry from a textile maker that wants the levels of detail that are only possible with 8K displays The system was running at very high bit rates and at the limit of the server.

thumb Lang 8K Display

Lang is a big wholesale rental company and often has the most impressive display of LEDs at ISE and it works closely with suppliers. Lang worked with Infiled to develop 1.8mm LED panels for rental use and told us it took a full year of working and collaboration to get the level of quality that the company wanted combined with the degree of ruggedness desired. The company has become a partner for Samsung for the commercial “The Wall” 146″ display. Unfortunately, the company has found that the €150,000 price is too high for some that would like to use the display.