ROE Continues to Develop and Impress

ROE had a booth near the front of the show and had two new products. The company has impressed us with its quality in the past and was one of the first companies to use black LEDs which gave high contrast. The new products this year were the Diamond 2.6 and the Vanish 18. The Diamond 2.6 is an ultralightweight cabinet that weighs 4.5 kg per 500 x 500 cabinet, for a total weight of 18kg per square metre. The frame is magnesium with carbon vertical stiffening rods. The cabinets work by magnetism to join easily and the units can be convex or concave shaped. Brightness is 1,300 cd/m² (calibrated).

The Vanish 18 is a 50% transparent mesh cabinet that is also lightweight at 17.3kg per tile. As they are 1.2m x 1.2m, that means a weight rating of 12 kg/m². The pitch is 18.75mm and output is 5,000 cd/m² using NationStar 1921 LEDs.

ROE told us that its success in Europe is based on the Dutch presence for a full service and support operation including repairs and calibration. The company also works hard to keep spares for each batch. It also has a full range of accessories.

ROE will have some new products in June at Infocomm, but we’re sworn to secrecy about them!

ROE Vanish 18ROE’s Vanish 18 LED is transparent. Image:Meko