CIMA Coming Back?

Like Cambrios, Cima Nanotech was one of the companies that suffered from being a little too early in coming into the ITO-replacement market (Does C3Nano Have the Technology that Will Kill ITO?). The company went into liquidation in July 2016 (Cima Nanotech is Insolvent) which was something of a surprise to us as the company had started to see some commercial success through its JV with Foxconn to make displays using the firm’s Sant√© technology and established in August 2015. It also made a deal in early 2016 to work with Anoto of Japan.

Although the company and the joint venture were liquidated, the ip was still available for sale and companies are reported to still be alive as legal entities in Singapore and Japan. We heard recently from our friends at IHS Markit that the company is in the process of ‘rebooting’ its business now.