Vol 24 - Issue 38


LEDs in a Pincer Movement

by Bob Raikes

There was quite a lot of interesting news this week, even if there was nothing ‘earth shattering’. We have Ken’s report on the SID Automotive show in MDM and at the end of the …

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Valve Offers New Lenses

by Bob Raikes

Valve has been involved with VR by working with HTC on its Vive headset and has also been developing the SteamVR platform. The company has now developed lenses that work with standard displays for …

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iphone x silver select 2017 AV3

iPhone X Production Plagued by 3D Camera Sensor Delays

by Andrew Fenn

Work on Apple’s forthcoming iPhone X is reported to still be struggling with a production issue with its camera’s 3D sensor. The issues relate to the dot projector element of the smartphone’s TrueDepth camera, …

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NEC Display Wins Two Awards from Worship Facilities Magazine

by Andrew Fenn

NEC Display has announced that it has won two Worship Facilities 2017 product awards. The magazine named NEC’s Direct View LED LX Displays as the standout product for house of worship application in 2017, …

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Movies Anywhere App Launched in US

by Alan Spencer

Movies Anywhere has been launched in the US. The service lets users store all digital movie purchases in one unified app that works across retailers and platforms, including Disney, Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal, Warner …

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Transportation Company, Amey, Unveils VR Driver Safety Training

by Andrew Fenn

Transport and infrastructure firm, Amey, in the UK, is delivering innovative driver safety training to 13,000 of its employees via a virtual reality simulator. The experience is designed to highlight the dangers of falling …

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Gartner Forecasts Global Semiconductor Revenue in 2017

by Andrew Fenn

Gartner has released a new report, predicting that worldwide semiconductor revenue will reach $411 billion in 2017. The figures represent a growth of 19.7%, the highest since the industry’s recovery from the global financial …

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Oculus Announces New Headset Go at Oculus Connect 4 Conference

by Norbert Hildebrand

At their Connect 4 conference in San Jose, Oculus announced an new VR headset as well as some other news. The new headset is called Oculus Go and is an untethered headset that does …

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Siemens Sells Final Osram Stake

by Bob Raikes

Siemens has sold almost all of its stake in Osram, more than 17%, for €1.2 billion according to Reuters. The company was originally listed in 2013 and Siemens said that it would keep a …

Tags:Investment| Large Display Monitor| LED| Mobile Display Monitor| Osram| Vol 24 - Issue 38

Absen Targets LCD Applications

by Bob Raikes

Absen Inc in the US has launched a new fixed indoor LED range that were announced at the WFX Conference and Expo. The die cast aluminium cabinets are available in 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.9mm, 2.5mm …

Tags:Absen| Large Display Monitor| LED| Small Pixel Pitch LED SPP| Vol 24 - Issue 38

Any Object Used for Remote Control

by Bob Raikes

The BBC has reported that a researcher from Lancaster University has developed a Matchpoint remote control system that uses a webcam and any object to act as a remote control. The user moves the …

Tags:Gesture Recognition| Large Display Monitor| Remote Controls| Vol 24 - Issue 38

Kudelski and Roku Agree to Patent Cross Licensing

by Alan Spencer

The Kudelski Group has announced a patent cross license and technology collaboration agreement with Roku. The agreement allows each company the freedom to operate with respect to the other’s patent portfolios. The agreement also …

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